6 Ways To Avoid Electrical Hazards

Image result for Avoid Electrical HazardsElectricity is the other name for danger. About thousands of fatal accidents occur due to currents and high voltages. If you are trying to deal with electrical repairs on your own, beware of the consequences. Only professional electricians in Toronto can work and manage these dangerous outlets and wires.

Whether its homes, parks, malls etc., electricity and electrical gadgets are everywhere. The only reason that our life is so comfortable, is due to these inventions as they offer many marvelous benefits. To avoid any dangers or hazards, its crucial to remain on the safe side, while dealing with these gadgets.

Few things to keep in mind are :
Image result for Install certified products
1. Install certified products  :  Its important to purchase and install certified and tested electronic goods. They are designed to last longer, that too without any repairs. Moreover, for enhanced safety, call licensed electrical contractors to install, repair and dismantle residential wiring.

2. Always pluImage result for Always plug into a GFCIg into a GFCI  :  Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protection is greatly required, if one is working with temporary electrical supplies. Grounding helps in preventing high electric shocks. Do make sure that your home is installed with GFCI receptacles.

3. Check each extension cord  :  Extension cords are prone to damage, crack or tear with time and irresponsible usage. Do inspect the cables to check, whether they are intact and insulated. The power extension cables should not be knotted, as it increases the risk for fires and conductor damage.

4. Inspect the power tools regularly  :  Carefully look over the power cords, plugImage result for Inspect the power tools regularlys and outlets for any signs of damage. If there is excess of wear and tear, get the elements properly repaired. Moreover, if you notice any smoke, over heating or burning smell, switch off the main electrical circuit board and discontinue all usages.

5. Never modify electrical plugs  :  Many of the home-owners, file down the switch blades, remove the ground pins, or modify electrical plugs, so that they can fit well into a socket. This action can increase the risk of shocks, electrocution, and fire. If any gadget plug doesn’t fit the ground outlets, get it replaced by a certified electrician.

6. Keep all electrical components dry  :  Water is a good conductor of current anImage result for Keep all electrical components dryd for sake of electrical safety, its never advised to mix the two. Wet power tools, cables, outdoor receptacles and outlets can cause short circuits, electrocuted home or even fires. Therefore, avoid installing or storing these components in outside or wet environment.

These were the few ways or precautions that can help in preventing electrical hazards or short circuits. Elcolem is a trusted electrical company in Toronto that offers wide range of emergency electrical installation and repair services to both residential and commercial clients at reasonable prices.

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5 Reasons To Call a Professional Electrician

Electricity is considerably a power source that tempts various appliances and electImage result for 5 Top Reasons To Call a Professional Electricianric items to work automatically without any manual involvement. Though electricity acts as an efficient source of energy, its quite dangerous to touch it directly. Its always recommended to call a certified and licensed electrician Toronto for every electric installation. As in today’s lifestyle, DIY solutions for every problem are followed by home-owners to avoid calling professionals. But it isn’t right to follow the do-it-yourself electric practices, due to life safety measures. It would be wise to call upon an emergency electrician, in case any urgent repair comes up.

Few situations that need electric repairs are:

1. Smoking outlets :  An electric outlet consists of switches and sockets. If thisImage result for Smoking outlets  Reasons To Call a Professional Electrician outlet starts smoking, turn off the electric supply of a home urgently. This situation is very dangerous and can lead to a fire hazard. To act quickly, shut the circuit breaker and contact an electrician service immediately. In case, there are flames in the outlet, call the fire brigade and neighbours for help.

2. Exposed wires :  Exposed or naked electric wires are life threatening. Always keep a distance from them, especially the naked and high voltage ones. Don’t offer DIY repair to such cables as they can be dangerous. Possibly, there are chances that live wires may spark which can give a bad shock. Therefore, whenever you notice an exposed wire or cable, immediately turn off the circuit breaker. Don’t attempt any repair, until you are sure that the breaker you turned off is associated to the specific wire. Instead, call an electrician for effective repair.

3. Isolated power outage :  In major electrical issues, a home may lose its Image result for Isolated power outage Reasons To Call a Professional Electricianelectricity power, while rest of the locality remains unaffected. Don’t panic in such situations. Just check the main source of electric supply, turn it off and on again. If nothing happens, then hiring a 24 hours emergency electrician Toronto can save your day.

4. Wires in water : Basement flooding or roof leakage can lead to a situation where wires may get wet or evenly sit in water. Follow the necessary precautions, as there is a great risk of electrocution. Keep your family members and children away from the spot and cut the power source of the home, until the wires dries up. If current or sparks still persists, call an electric contractor to look into the matter.

5. You feel unsafe or uncertain :  If the power voltage fluctuates frequently or your home electriciImage result for You feel unsafe or uncertain  Reasons To Call a Professional Electricianty is coming and going, then you may not be in safe condition. Either there is something wrong or there will sooner be something wrong. Don’t wait for an incident to happen, call an electrician right away to ensure your family’s safety.

These were the few problem areas which should be dealt by an electrician. Power is not a game, so don’t ever try to experiment your life by offering DIY repairs. Elcolem is a leading electrical company that offers wide range of electric installation and inspection services including emergency repair solutions in Toronto.

A Brief Guide To Standby Generators

Image result for Standby GeneratorsWith growing electricity needs and reducing resources, many home-owners are realizing the necessity of owing a standby generators or a dynamo. The days of occasional power failures can no more be endured with candles and ghost stories. Increasing power shortages and grid failures are turning into a bigger threat than ever before. Shifting weather patterns cause severe calamities in few areas, as a result power goes cut off there for 2- 3 days. To cope up with these random power cuts, there is need of emergency power systems that are manufactured to carry all the power load required by a home or business.

Classification of Standby Generators :

They come in variety of shapes and sizes. Size is a factor that determines the cost of these electrical giants. Small generators are inexpensive and can be purchased for Image result for Classification of Standby Generators :few hundred dollars whereas large ones are quite expensive and costs thousands of dollars. Before buying, its advised to consult an electrical contractor to guide you through various types available in your city, so that you are able to choose the one that suit your needs. Emergency generators are designed just to run the heaters, refrigerator and basic lighting. High quality dynamos come with a pre installed silencer, therefore run quieter.

Safety Tips:

> Never run a generator at its maximum load capacity.
> Make sure to have containers to store fuel for emergency need.

Portable versus Standby :

> Portable alternators last for few hours and are used to supply temporary power whereas good quality standby last until the fuel supply is depleted.
> Portable generators require a set-up and starts manually whereas standby are fully automatic.
> Portable dynamos are cheaper as compared to standbys.

Installation tips :

Generators are a good example of reliable emergency power systems as they act as an independent source of power . They are installed to protect life and property from any losses caused due to cut out electric power supply.

Image result for Installation tips  Standby Generators :Mostly all standby dynamos inclemency  a support pad that can handle its weight but for other models you need to construct a concrete slab that should be strong enough to support their considerable load. Before an emergency generator installation, find a place that is well-ventilated so as to prevent smoke and gases from entering your home. The fuel tank should be placed somewhere close to it. Contact a right electrical contractor Toronto for connecting it to the electrical wires, as it it quite a dangerous task and can be accomplished safely by experienced and licensed electricians.

This was a brief guide to standby generators that act as a backup for random electric shut downs. They can be installed anywhere from schools to offices. These electric giants are of huge advantage for providing temporary source of electricity at some critical places including hospitals.

Elcolem is an electrical company serving Toronto and GTA, that offers high quality services including lighting and generator installation.

What are the Benefits And Drawbacks Of Led Lights

2012092512314151104You have various rooms in your house and every room is different and unique based on its structure and interior. LED light is the first choice of everyone to brighten the room. LED bulbs are a great source of less power consumption, high safety, high luminous efficiency, shock resistance and energy saving. You can use these lights anywhere in your house. These are available in small size and very convenient to use. These are a just few reasons why LED lights are more popular than CFL.

It does not matter how expensive interior you have and which type of lights you have, every expensive or cheap thing has drawbacks. No doubt, nowadays, LED technology is very popular, but it has some drawbacks. Toronto LED retrofit company share all advantages and disadvantages of it.

In this article you read about the advantages and drawbacks of LED lights.

Energy efficiency: They are the most efficient way of lighting. They produce more light than compact fluorescent bulbs. Traditional incandescent bulbs lost 80% electricity as heat.  Means traditional incandescent bulbs 80% heat your room, not a bright it. On the other hand, LED bulbs used only 20% energy to bright your room.

Environment friendly: LED bulbs are manufactured with free of toxic chemicals. Means it contains no mercury and other hazardous substances like mercury. Light emitting diode bulbs are 100% recyclable. Other bulbs contain hazardous substances that are harmful for our environment.

Long life: Long life span is the most important benefit of these bulbs. They have an outstanding life time up to 11 years of continuous operation. They are different from other traditional bulbs.

The highest price: Cost of per bulb is very high than other incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. When you will compare their price per lumen with other bulbs, you will find high price.

Quality of light: These bulbs have only limited light angle. They also create shadows.

Drivers: LED bulbs required constant DC Voltage to operate smoothly.These lights have not good electronic drivers, Designing an effective driver is the key to obtaining advantages of led bulbs.

Shift Colour: LED lights changes its colour due to age and temperature. These lights have two colour characteristics, which affect how light is perceived.

Finally, you got all the advantages and disadvantages of LED bulbs and now you know a light emitting bulb is different from other traditional bulbs. LED bulbs are not as cheap as other says. Switch to LED lights and save your hard earned money.  For more detail call us we are expert in providing electrical repair service.

Six Tips To Reduce Electricity Bill Cost

emb_image_smart-ways-to-reduce-electricity-billSummer days are getting hotter. That’s why people turns on air conditioner to survive in these hot days. More use of air conditioner is the main cause of high electricity bill. Saving on electricity bill is always smart way to save your bucks. Less use of electricity will help to keep monthly bills way down.

Here are some tips that help you reduce the extra charges of your electricity bill. Elcolem help you to reduce your monthly bill.

cfl_led_halogen2blamp1. Switch to LED and CFL: Compact fluorescent light (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED) both are the good choice to reduce monthly electricity bill. Don’t compare the price of LED and CFL bulbs with regular bulbs. It true that these type of bulbs are costly but the main fact is these bulbs help you to get low cost electricity bill. LED and CFL bulbs do not contain mercury that is why it’s not present any hazard to the environment and to you.

fan2. Use fans instead of air conditioner: As everyone know that summer days are very hot. Due to this, maximum people use air conditioner in their house and offices. But if possible, use fans instead of AC. You can use it more warmer days. It’s not compulsory that you run your air conditioner twenty four hours. Just run it few hours.

3. Mitigate electric appliances: Generally, everyone has juicer, mixer grinder, microwave, dishwasher, coffee grinder, food processor and many more electric home appliance. But, do you really need them? Ask this question to yourself. Now, gas powered appliances are available in the market. You can buy them because gas is cheaper than electricity.

4. Replace old electric appliances: Nowadays, every appliances manufacturing company produce five or seven star electric appliances. If you have old appliances in your house, you can replace them with new one. Because these five or seven star appliances energy saver.

unplug09-105. Unplug unused electronics: Many people have this bad habit to keep things plugged for many hours such as mobile battery, computer, television, camera battery, DVD player and other electronic things. When you are not going to use these things, unplugged them.


6. Check refrigerator temperature: As per experts, the ideal temperature of refrigerator is between 35 degree and 40 degree. If you increase it, obviously your electricity bill will also increase. Keep your refrigerator full it helps to keep all food stuff cool. If you have full fridge and refrigerator, they do not have to work so hard to stay cool.

Saving electricity bill is very wallet friendly and cost effective. If you are fed up with high cost electricity bills, you can adopt these given tips. To know or more detail contact us.

Six Effective Tips To Safe Energy Or Electricity At Your Home

It is common and everyone know if they save electricity, they will save money. If you want to reduce your electricity bill, you can start it from today with less use of electricity. You just need to change your some habits and you can save money. With energy saver electric product and strategy, you can save both, energy and bucks. General electrician Toronto share some tips to save electricity and energy. Below are these tips and it will help you to use less energy.

1. Switch Of Un-Necessory Bulbs And Fans: It is very common way to save energy. Make it your habit, when ever you leave your room, switch of fan and bulbs and air-conditioner. Another way to save energy, use ceiling fans instead of air-conditioners. Air-conditioner consume more electricity as compare to ceiling fans. When you leave your kitchen and washroom, check ventilation fan is switch off. If not, switch off immediately because it replace your home insider air with outsider air.

2. Shut Down Your Computer: Many people have habit to run their computer and printer machine without any uses. Don’t do this, it is wrong. When you don’t need your computer, printer and fax machine switch off them.

3. Switch To CFL And LED Bulbs: If you think about decorate your house with lighting, use CFL and LED bulbs to decorate your house. You can also replace your regular uses bulbs with them or use low wattage bulbs. LED bulbs are expensive as compare to CFL but they consume less energy and years to come.

4. Use Natural Light: Getting natural light insight is very important to reduce your electricity bill. It helps to consume twenty five to forty percent energy. At the day time, open all windows of your house instead to switch on bulbs. You can save lot of energy or electricity by enforcing this theory at your home and office.

5. Don’t Use Electric Home Appliances More: Many people in this world addicted to use of electric home appliances. These home appliances save our time but they increase our electricity bill. Refrigerator, microwave, dryer, dishwasher, washing machine are some common home appliances. If required, use these appliances otherwise you can avoid them.

6. Change Your Old Home Appliances: New home appliances models are designed with the idea of electricity saving. So, if you have any old appliances like washing machine, refrigerator, television, dishwasher etc in your house, replace it as soon as possible.

It does not matter which type of electric service you want, You can call to Elcolem to get any kind of help. Since the time of establishment, we delivered electric services in different cities including Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Etobicoke and Toronto.

5 Common Signs of Household Electrical Wiring Problems


Summary :- Leading Electricians of Toronto Lay Out 5 Common Pointers of Household Electrical Wiring Problems

Body :-

No one knows better than electricians in Toronto that families have grown all the more dependent on electricity so as to run their various appliances. For that, however, it is important to maintain a healthy network of electrical wiring in the house. Electrical wiring the house connects various lighting, heating, cooling and entertainment appliances.

Electrical wiring, however, run into scores of problems because of which it becomes mandatory to call an electrical contractor of Toronto. Often electrical wiring problems go unnoticed at an earlier stage because of which they transform into a major complication. Given below are some common electrical problems so as to help you identify the various things that can go wrong at the earliest possible.

brown-globeFlickering Lights

Lights normally flicker because of a loose wire or a grid circuit breaker issue. Dangling live lines also play a major role in making the lights flicker. People generally have a notion that lights flicker because they need to be replaced, however, sometimes flickering might continue even after replacement because of a poor wiring connection. So as to solve the flickering problem once and for all, it is always advised to call an experienced electricians in Toronto.

Tripping of Circuit Breaker

Electrical wiring systems of older homes are simply not designed to handle high voltage loads which people of today’s generation throws as a result of which the circuit breaker usually trips. Over load on the wiring normally results in tripped breakers and frequent power cuts. Hence, it is always best to get an inspection from an electrical contractor in Toronto so that he can advise you about upgrading the wiring system.

Warming of Receptacle

Electrical receptacle getting warmed is a serious issue and happens if an appliance is plugged into a faulty wiring. This not only creates an extra burden on the already dangling wiring system but also makes the appliance unsafe to use. In such a scenario, one must always remove the plug and avoid overheating. Home owners should take this problem very seriously as this or else it might pose serious repercussions in the future.

Fat Electricity Bills

If your power usage is the same but your electricity bills have suddenly witnessed a surge, then chances are that your home’s electrical wiring has developed some serious problem. Electricity bills generally stay stagnant unless and until you introduce new heavy power consuming devices. So, in case your electricity bills have taken a sudden toll, it’s time to call a qualified electrician in Toronto.

electrical20wires-838x0_q67_crop-smartLoose and Exposed Wires

Exposed and loose wires can cause fire hazard and could even damage the house if left unattended. They are also a big threat to human and pet life since children and pets might come in contact with these loose wires unknowingly. Exposed wires should therefore be given due attention and one should immediately think about upgrading his/her home’s wiring system.

Household electrical problems can arise at any time of the day. Thus, it is best to stay prepared so that you can tackle them at the earliest.However, one must also realize that dealing with electrical wiring problems without any prior knowledge can be hazardous. So, one should always call an experienced electrician in Toronto to help you deal with it.

We are the leading electrical contractors in Toronto. Call us any time at 416-802-3020 for commercial and household electrical assistance.