6 Ways To Avoid Electrical Hazards

Image result for Avoid Electrical HazardsElectricity is the other name for danger. About thousands of fatal accidents occur due to currents and high voltages. If you are trying to deal with electrical repairs on your own, beware of the consequences. Only professional electricians in Toronto can work and manage these dangerous outlets and wires.

Whether its homes, parks, malls etc., electricity and electrical gadgets are everywhere. The only reason that our life is so comfortable, is due to these inventions as they offer many marvelous benefits. To avoid any dangers or hazards, its crucial to remain on the safe side, while dealing with these gadgets.

Few things to keep in mind are :
Image result for Install certified products
1. Install certified products  :  Its important to purchase and install certified and tested electronic goods. They are designed to last longer, that too without any repairs. Moreover, for enhanced safety, call licensed electrical contractors to install, repair and dismantle residential wiring.

2. Always pluImage result for Always plug into a GFCIg into a GFCI  :  Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) protection is greatly required, if one is working with temporary electrical supplies. Grounding helps in preventing high electric shocks. Do make sure that your home is installed with GFCI receptacles.

3. Check each extension cord  :  Extension cords are prone to damage, crack or tear with time and irresponsible usage. Do inspect the cables to check, whether they are intact and insulated. The power extension cables should not be knotted, as it increases the risk for fires and conductor damage.

4. Inspect the power tools regularly  :  Carefully look over the power cords, plugImage result for Inspect the power tools regularlys and outlets for any signs of damage. If there is excess of wear and tear, get the elements properly repaired. Moreover, if you notice any smoke, over heating or burning smell, switch off the main electrical circuit board and discontinue all usages.

5. Never modify electrical plugs  :  Many of the home-owners, file down the switch blades, remove the ground pins, or modify electrical plugs, so that they can fit well into a socket. This action can increase the risk of shocks, electrocution, and fire. If any gadget plug doesn’t fit the ground outlets, get it replaced by a certified electrician.

6. Keep all electrical components dry  :  Water is a good conductor of current anImage result for Keep all electrical components dryd for sake of electrical safety, its never advised to mix the two. Wet power tools, cables, outdoor receptacles and outlets can cause short circuits, electrocuted home or even fires. Therefore, avoid installing or storing these components in outside or wet environment.

These were the few ways or precautions that can help in preventing electrical hazards or short circuits. Elcolem is a trusted electrical company in Toronto that offers wide range of emergency electrical installation and repair services to both residential and commercial clients at reasonable prices.

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