What are the Benefits And Drawbacks Of Led Lights

2012092512314151104You have various rooms in your house and every room is different and unique based on its structure and interior. LED light is the first choice of everyone to brighten the room. LED bulbs are a great source of less power consumption, high safety, high luminous efficiency, shock resistance and energy saving. You can use these lights anywhere in your house. These are available in small size and very convenient to use. These are a just few reasons why LED lights are more popular than CFL.

It does not matter how expensive interior you have and which type of lights you have, every expensive or cheap thing has drawbacks. No doubt, nowadays, LED technology is very popular, but it has some drawbacks. Toronto LED retrofit company share all advantages and disadvantages of it.

In this article you read about the advantages and drawbacks of LED lights.

Energy efficiency: They are the most efficient way of lighting. They produce more light than compact fluorescent bulbs. Traditional incandescent bulbs lost 80% electricity as heat.  Means traditional incandescent bulbs 80% heat your room, not a bright it. On the other hand, LED bulbs used only 20% energy to bright your room.

Environment friendly: LED bulbs are manufactured with free of toxic chemicals. Means it contains no mercury and other hazardous substances like mercury. Light emitting diode bulbs are 100% recyclable. Other bulbs contain hazardous substances that are harmful for our environment.

Long life: Long life span is the most important benefit of these bulbs. They have an outstanding life time up to 11 years of continuous operation. They are different from other traditional bulbs.

The highest price: Cost of per bulb is very high than other incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. When you will compare their price per lumen with other bulbs, you will find high price.

Quality of light: These bulbs have only limited light angle. They also create shadows.

Drivers: LED bulbs required constant DC Voltage to operate smoothly.These lights have not good electronic drivers, Designing an effective driver is the key to obtaining advantages of led bulbs.

Shift Colour: LED lights changes its colour due to age and temperature. These lights have two colour characteristics, which affect how light is perceived.

Finally, you got all the advantages and disadvantages of LED bulbs and now you know a light emitting bulb is different from other traditional bulbs. LED bulbs are not as cheap as other says. Switch to LED lights and save your hard earned money.  For more detail call us we are expert in providing electrical repair service.


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