The Easiest Ways To Save Energy When The Air Conditioner Is Must

infographic_large-fontSummer is the hottest season and it falls between spring and autumn. In this hot season electricity bill prices are rising. You can save your electricity cost by using some effective tips. Every year, many home-owners spend thousands of dollars on air conditioners to make their hot summer season cool. Air conditioner is a way to increase your electricity bill. Don’t take tension, you can stay cool in this hot season with some effective energy saving tips.

To keep your electricity bill as low as possible with given tips. Electrical contractors in Toronto help you to keep your bill low. You can easily save you hundreds of dollars on your electricity bills. So, if you are willing to save your hard earned money, take a look on these energy saving tips.

1. Don’t forget AC after set it: When you are coming from outside during the hot day, first you set the temperature of the air conditioner. It’s good, but sometimes you forget about it after turning it on. Set the desired temperature and when your room or living space, turning into cool, you can change the temperature of the air conditioner.

2. Clean the air filter: If you have dirty filters, it mitigates air conditioner’s cooling efficiency. Clean the air filter to make your AC more usable and energy efficient. Check HVAC system on a monthly basis. If you notice that you need a new air filter, change it with a new one.

3. Replace your air conditioner: It is good that you have an air conditioner in your house. But if it is taking too much time in cooling, it is the best that you replace it with a new one. When you think about to buy a new AC for your living space, remember efficiency matter. Buy an energy star air conditioner because it helps to reduce your electricity bill.

4. Get an annual inspection: Whether you have a central AC or window AC, annual check-up is must provide a long life to your air conditioner. You may not be able to inspect the AC. A professional knows how to diagnose it and if there is any problem, he can fix it. So, don’t waste your time and money, hire a professional to diagnose any problem.

air-con-vs-fans-25. Use ceiling fans: You and your family depend on the air conditioner to keep yourself cool. But, it does not mean that fan is a bad option. You can rely on fan because fans use less energy as compared to air conditioner.

If you have more than ten year old air conditioner, change it as soon as possible. Now, so many energy cost saving air conditioner available in the market. You can buy five star or three star ACs because these are energy saving. To know more about it, you can call us at 416-802-3020.


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